Is a Disney Cars Party just for Boys?

Published : 17/03/2009 07:29:48
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

My five and a half year old daughter loves to dress up as the Disney princesses. Not all at once, but certainly several in a row. She and her friends play princesses for hours. She has hosted several official and unofficial princess parties. Very often during these parties they rope my eight year old son into playing the role of the handsome prince. During one of my recent rants about having to attend a party that would likely involve unmanly activities like knitting sweaters and baking pies, my son decided that he needed to have a manly party too.   "What kind of manly party do you want to have?" I asked.

"How about a Disney Cars party dad? Cars are pretty cool!"

He went on to explain that Cars were Disney characters, like princesses, so his sister would not be totally left out if she came to his party. That seemed very thoughtful to me, so we talked about his idea further. I asked him what he would do at the party, and he said without hesitation that we would all race. We could bring toy cars that looked like the characters, and race them around.

Apparently he had given this some thought, as he already had toy's selected to give out. What says Cars party better than wheel-shaped Disney Cars yo-yos? Not much, apparently. This was part of his plan. I also learned that this toy selection was made in part to discourage his sister from attending. After all, she would want a toy with butterflies, or a princess on it. "We don't really want any girls coming to the party, do we dad?" he asked, reasoning that I would be on his side. I recognized that he was reacting to what he had heard me talk about, and that I had better pay at least as much attention to what I said as he did.

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