Is Face Party the biggest party on earth?

Published : 04/05/2009 10:56:43
Categories : Party Venues

Face Party is a UK based web site dedicated to allowing its members access to other members self posted profiles, and to ostensibly provide access to social interaction through messaging and forum postings. It's not a medium to purchase your essential party supplies, most of us just google that, it's more of a platform for socializing and having fun. Having said that I wonder at what cost if Gordon Brown has his way with digital on line taxing, but then that's another story for another day...

Face Party was opened in the year 2000, and by 2006 had over six million members adding an additional 35000 per week. At its height in 2006 Sony BMG signed on to provide free music downloads and other promotions, but the partnership was short lived. By 2004 Face Party was being investigated for posting pornography of underage girls (as young as thirteen) at which time they agreed to cooperate with the police to remove illegal material and put measures in place to deny access to under age users.

In 2006 face party was censured for promoting a clothing line that they said would guarantee the wearer would “get laid”. 2008 was a banner year that saw face party close its site temporarily (24hrs) amid the arrest of three men who were sentenced for sexual abuse of a thirteen year old girl, and in November of the same year three more men plead guilty to indecent contact with a fourteen year old girl through the auspices of Face Party. Recently they have reduced the number of members by removing anyone over thirty-six years of age, from membership, citing an attempt at compliance with the law. It's just a personal observation, but what law requires discrimination based on age? Face Party the Biggest party on Earth? Who Cares?

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