It's A Film, No A Book, No, It's A Suggestion For Christmas

Published : 27/12/2011 22:05:17
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One of the many traditions over the Christmas period is charades. It's a game loved by many families, but often one which comes with a second tradition.

The realisation that yet again no one can think of a single charade to do. The trouble is that after you've packed away half a turkey, an acre of brussel sprouts and half a stone of Christmas puddings the brain starts to wind down a bit, and it can be hard to even remember your name without three guesses and a clue. So here's a tip - why not get started on your charades list now?

You could each start building a list now, for use at the time. Or alternatively you could buy a pack of blank cards and write possible charades on them shuffling them up and then letting people choose one at random on the day. If you're really stuck or you don't have time then we have found a great list of UK charades suggestions here:

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