It's A Lovely Day For Loving Day

Published : 12/06/2012 09:43:39
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions , Seasonal Parties

June 12th is Loving Day!Although primarily an American occasion, today, June 12, is officially Loving Day. It's been around since 1967, when the Supreme Court of America disbanded the laws which made mixed race marriages illegal. But we don't see why Loving Day is to only two be enjoyed by our friends across the pond. It's almost four months since Valentine's Day, so why not let a little love into your life today? Looking at our range of products on our site it strikes us just how many different types of heart shaped party products there really are.

For example, we have some fantastic heart shaped cakes, including a strawberry heart cake, and brown and gold chocolate shaped heart cakes. We have heart foil balloons in a whole range of different colours, and heart balloon weights in either red or silver. We have more heart confetti than the average church sweeps up in a year, and even heart shaped party products for children, such as Disney Princess jigsaw puzzles, party bags decorated with little hearts, and even a heart shaped pencil sharpener which makes a great party bag gift.

But of course it's not just the hearts, but what you set them against. For example, our red jumbo heart confetti looks beautiful by itself, but sprinkle it across a cream or white table, and it looks very stylish indeed. Scattered across a table which is covered with a black table cover and you have a deeply romantic and evocative setting for whatever scene is going through your mind. Together, let's make Tuesday lovely!

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