It's Back To School Time - Let's Party!

Published : 03/09/2010 12:08:26
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Well, once again it is that time of year when many of us are celebrating, and a few are commiserating. For many of us the next few days bring peace, calm, order and tranquillity, whilst for a select few the next few days marks the end of such peace and quiet. Yes, it can only mean one thing - it's back to school time!

For teachers and those who work in education the long summer holiday is finally over, but for parents the home is now once again their own domain. If anything deserves a party celebration, then it is almost certainly the survival of a six-week holiday with our delightful offspring.

If you're looking around for ideas for a back-to-school party celebration then why not have a look through our website at some of the popular party theme ideas which we offer, from Elvis and rock 'n' roll to Hollywood and perhaps most fittingly, superheroes. You've been an outstanding role model your children, a fine upstanding member of society, law enforcement officer, babysitter, psychotherapist, diplomat, house cleaner, cook and many other things besides. Go on, you definitely earned a party this coming weekend! Whether you decide to invite your children to the party, all pack them off to the grandparents for the weekend whilst you crack open the bubbly and celebrate the delights of being a parent again, that's entirely up to you. #

We have party theme ideas, party decoration items, costume ideas, party food ideas and much more besides to help you have a fantastic time, whatever you decide to do. Cocktails are always popular as parties, and if you're looking for recipe ideas then feel free to browse this blog as we've included a few of our favourites for you. If your children are going to be with you for the party, then we're also happy to let you know that within this blog you will find a wide selection of alcohol free cocktail recipes which have proved particularly popular with children. Although

August was the coldest August on record for 17 years, (not that we really needed the Met Office to confirm this for us; I think most of us are pretty well aware of how damp and depressing August has been), September looks to be pretty favourable. In fact you may very well find that a barbecue party is a particularly good idea this weekend or next. If you are thinking of having your party outdoors then it's worth thinking about the glasses you use for people's drinks.

A whole heap of your friends letting their hair down, combined with alcohol, music, far too much food and a whole heap of entertaining games is generally not a mix best combined with your best glassware. A single broken glass, especially one dropped outside, can be difficult to completely pick up. This represents a danger to children and animals, quite apart from any guests of yours who find that after a few of your cocktails a horizontal position is easier to maintain than the traditional vertical way of standing.

We are pleased to announce that we have extended our range of plastic glasses. Yes, I know the idea of plastic glasses is something of an oxymoron, but bear with me. Our plastic glasses are extremely deceptive, because they look just like the real thing, yet are virtually indestructible, and completely safe if dropped. From beer glasses and juice glasses, to wine glasses, champagne glasses and even cocktail glasses, our plastic glasses are strong, safe and very much look the part. Happy September!

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