It's Barbie's 53rd Birthday (And She Doesn't Look A Day Older!)

Published : 09/03/2012 09:00:03
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Barbie celebrates her 53rd birthdayToday Barbie celebrates (if that's the right word) her 53rd birthday, and remarkably she still doesn't look a day older than she did last year. Or the year before. It was in 1959 that the world's first Barbie doll was introduced in New York, at the American International Toy Fair. We thought that in honour of this day we'd offer up a few rather interesting facts about this iconic doll.

1. Do you know Barbie's real name?

Very few people even know that Barbie has a full name, and even fewer can remember it! In fact Barbie's name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. She hails from Willows, Wisconsin (apparently) and went to Willows High School, (which is in fact a real school, the motto for which is 'Belong, Believe, Achieve'.) Interestingly Willows High School was established in 1967, just 8 years after Barbie was, erm, 'born'.

2. How many pets has Barbie had?

Her first pet, and the one most people think of, was a horse called Dancer. However, over the past half century and a bit Barbie has managed to work her way through well over 50 pets! It would seem she gets through about a pet a year, although we're not quite sure how...

3. Was there a real Ken?

Yes! Well, of sorts anyway. Ken was introduced two years after Barbie, and he was named after the son of Ruth and Elliot Handler, the founders of the company which produced the Barbie doll, Mattel.

4. How many jobs has Barbie had?

It's not unusual these days for many of us to change careers in our life, and having two or even three quite different careers is quite possible. Barbie has certainly taken this multiple career concept to heart, having worked her way through a staggering 125 careers! That means that on average Barbie has managed to stick with one job for no longer than an average of five months. Considering the fact that these careers have included being a teacher (3 years' training), a dentist (5 years' training), a doctor (12 years' training), a vet, (7 years' training) and many more, it would actually take several hundred years just to train for all the distinguished careers she's had! She's looking good for it however, although admittedly she's had a bit of plastic...

5. Is Barbie on Facebook?

Not only is Barbie fully connected with the Facebook generation, she has over three million fans! That's more than any other doll, and more than most established businesses can boast! Happy Birthday Barbie!

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