It's November, Which Means It Must Be Time For A Tropical Party!

Published : 04/11/2010 12:31:17
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As the days count down rapidly to Christmas, the summer days become little more than dusty postcards tucked into a drawer and largely forgotten and the wellies become our main choice of footwear, it can mean only one thing. It's the perfect time to throw a tropical party! Well, why not? In fact at this time of year a surprising number of people do just that.

The gloom and doom of the weather forecasts is nothing to cheer you up, so why not kick back and have a Caribbean party, and say to hell with the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness and hello cocktails, sand and sunny beaches! Your friends and family may outwardly declare their final conviction of your insanity, but in truth a tropical themed party during the winter months often proves extremely popular, and can really help boost people's flagging spirits.

Only a short while ago the papers were declaring it to be officially the most miserable day of the year, then a week later it was the most miserable day of the year to drive to work, then it was the most miserable day for getting out of bed. It almost seems as though the papers delight in making us even more miserable than we already were. So lighten up, slip on your flip flops and let in a little sunshine into your life and those around you. It's not difficult, and it certainly needn't be expensive, and we are happy to offer a helping hand in the shape of a huge range of tropical party themed products to help you create your very own little Caribbean island cocktail bar. 1642-1962-homeFirst up we recommend picking up our Tropical Sunset Room Roll. We love these room rolls because they're so affordable, and so easily transform an entire room in minutes. This room roll is 12.2 metres long, and looks just like a tropical sunset over the ocean waves. Simply cut it to size, and stick it on your wall in horizontal strips using tape or tack. If you've never used a room roll before, be prepared to be astonished as they do really make a room feel totally different in minutes. 1509-1949-homeAlternatively you could always choose the Palm Tree Room Roll, which includes sand, trees and all the flora of a tropical paradise island. Feel like living in a tropical cocktail bar? No problem, we have a Bamboo Room Roll for that! Of course, you could always decorate one room with the tropical sunset, and an adjoining room as the cocktail bar, so people can pop in to the bar for a summer cocktail before hitting the beach! 1470-1940-homeOf course, every tropical island has its own palm trees, and we can offer a choice of either a Palm Tree Hanging Metallic Decoration - 8 Foot, or an Inflatable Palm Tree - hilarious! Stick on our Limbo Party Game and CD, hand out a Floral Headband to each of your guests and pour a generous cocktail into a genuine Coconut Cup with Flower and Straw, liberally sprinkling some Palm Trees Table Confetti on the tables. 1465-1939-homeYou might almost feel that you're on holiday, and your guests are certainly likely to enjoy themselves. There's something about throwing a tropical party in the middle of winter that helps people relax, unwind and have fun. For just a few pounds you can really make a huge difference, and it's certainly going to be one party that people will remember and talk about! Sadly we're unable to supply you with real life hula girls, so you'll have to sort that out yourself, although we can offer you a Hula Girl Jointed Cutout.

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