January 28th - Happy Birthday Ernie!

Published : 28/01/2011 07:03:56
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Happy Birthday Ernie! Today, January 28th is the 42nd birthday of one of television's most loved puppets - Ernie from Sesame Street. Incredibly Ernie and his friend Bert first appeared on television in 1969, with Ernie playing the role of playful trouble maker.What Ernie's going to have on his birthday we're not quite sure, but with his fondness for rubber duckies there might be a clue. Maybe even a new saxophone. We're sure that Ernie will have a great party though, and with all of the Sesame Street gang it's likely to be quite an event.Of course Ernie is one of the few Sesame Street characters to appear on the Muppet show too (episodes 102 and 518 for you trivia fans!), so perhaps he might invite a few of his friends from there too, although how the Cookie Monster and Animal will get on is anybody's guess.Children have laughed, learned and grown up with Ernie for nearly three generations now, and he has a special place in many hearts. So happy birthday Ernie from Parteaz.co.uk!

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