Jazz Party

Published : 04/02/2009 14:07:15
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Many years ago, I was given a saxophone as a birthday present by an old girlfriend. I kept the saxophone, but not the girlfriend. I do not have a strong musical background, but I did take lessons a few times over the years. I learned to play a few songs, and actually got good at a very few tunes.

Since that time, I have occasionally broken out the sax and played it. My kids have shown some interest in it, and suggested that we have a jazz party. I thought this sounded like a lot of fun. We got out some jazz CD's to listen to how it was really done. We got my daughter an inflatable saxophone, and my son an inflatable guitar. My wife joined the band too as the drummer. She played violin as a teenager, but our jazz band had no violins in it.

My daughter used her toys as the audience. We had stuffed animals and princesses in the front row. Our band was a huge hit. Everyone had a great time at this party. We played six songs over and over again. My lip was sore by the time we finished, but I was the only one to sustain any injuries.

After our gig, my wife talked about one of her brothers who played guitar, piano, and saxophone. She also talked about her sister who is a professional musician and singer. She suggested that we might like to invite them to our next jazz party. I humbly offered to be the band manager, or even sit in the audience. There was no way I would be able to keep up with those guys even on my best day. My daughter offered a solution-I could get my own inflatable saxophone like hers, and still be a part of the band!


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