Job Loss Party

Published : 06/01/2009 14:15:03
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

At first glance, the very thought of having a job loss party seems like not so much fun. However, if you stop and think about it for a minute, such an idea may not be so bad. Let’s stop and think about it for a minute, and see where we end up.

First, if a colleague retires, you have a party. If a colleague leaves for a better job, it’s not uncommon to have some sort of celebration. A job loss party gives you the opportunity to acknowledge the contribution that has been made by the departing person or people, and lets colleagues show their appreciation. It also can help those who just lost their job to know that they are valued, and that they need not be ashamed of their situation, given the economic conditions. Leaving on friendly terms helps networking, which can lead to the next position. Finally, this party can help alleviate any guilt that those colleagues left behind might feel at being able to stay on with the firm.

Now, this party may not be the most boisterous you've ever attended, but some decorations are definitely in order. You may not want the boss to dress as the Grim Reaper, but graveyard party plates do seem appropriate! Keep it light, and send your colleagues off in style.

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