Juggling? It's Just A Load Of...

Published : 07/11/2010 23:32:15
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You know what they say about juggling... it has its ups and downs, but at the end of the day it's just a load of... well, you know. For many parents the experience of having an almost manically eager little face bouncing up and down in anticipation of their ultimate life's wish being granted whilst uttering those dreaded words, "Mum, can I have a set of juggling balls please?" is likely to instil fear.

The fear that comes from picturing an otherwise perfectly neat and well decorated living room becoming a shrine to broken ornaments, chipped glasses, cracked mugs and the odd missing window. On the other hand, you may be that rare breed of parents who have an urge to learn a new skill in the endless attempt to entertain and dazzle the little ones. Or, of course, you may already be a juggler. Indeed, most parents seem to be able to successfully juggle various careers as cook, cleaner, taxi driver, teacher and secretary, so really, how hard can it be? juggling-ballsThe truth is that juggling is very easy. All you have to do is to not drop the balls. Once you've mastered that, you're well on the way to becoming an accomplished juggler. But a word of warning, because whether it's you or your darling offspring looking to carve out a career in juggling, choosing what to juggle can make a great deal of difference. Starting off with chain saws could well result in you carving out something entirely different.

Similarly such things as kitchen knives, flaming batons and irritable chimpanzees tend to be fairly poor choices. For the keen amateur juggler you could do no better than invest in a set of professional grade juggling balls. These are correctly weighted juggling balls with a leather exterior which is soft to catch, can be dropped an unlimited number of times with no injuries to balls, toes or cats, and are colourful enough to not only be entertaining to watch, but easier to follow as a juggler. Next stop, Covent Garden!

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