Juggling Made Easy - A Simple Guide To Juggling 3 Balls

Published : 22/10/2011 08:30:02
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Easy Guide To Juggling 3 BallsCan you juggle? One of the many party gift bag toys which we sell is a pack of juggling balls, and these are very popular. They're the proper weighted leatherette covered balls with the brightly coloured sections on, which are the perfect size to fit in your hand, and a decent weight, which helps with ball control.

Of course, what you won't want to do is to hand out a pack of three juggling balls to each of the twenty children at your child's birthday party, because the idea of 60 balls being thrown about your house is likely to be enough to have you reaching hastily for your contents insurance policy. The solution is easy of course. Rather than handing out the balls to everyone to try out, teach them how to juggle first. If you can already juggle then you're on to a winner, but if you can't yet juggle three balls then here's our very handy guide to juggling three balls. Just don't come running to us looking for compensation.

All juggling balls are sold on condition that you're wholly responsible for any and all breakages!

Easy Guide To Juggling 3 Balls 1. Hold one ball in your left hand and two in your right.

2. Throw one of the balls in your right hand up to about eye height, and towards the left hand.

3. At exactly the moment the ball reaches the apex of the throw (the highest point before it starts falling) throw the ball from your left hand towards your right, and at about the same height again.

4. At exactly the moment the second ball reaches the apex, throw the third ball from your right hand.

5. Pick up all the balls.

6. Mop up your cup of coffee.

7. Apologise to the neighbours for the expletives.

8. Hold two balls in your left hand and one in your right.

9. Realise you're holding the balls wrong and swap them over.

10. Pick up the one you dropped.

11. Make a mental note to ring the chiropractor about your back.

12. Hold one ball in your left hand and two in your right.

13. Throw one of the balls from your right hand up and hit yourself in the eye.

14. Drop the other two balls and check you haven't got a black eye.

15. Mop up the remaining coffee and pick up the pieces of your mug.

16. Take a deep breath and hold two balls in your left hand.

17. Try to find the third ball.

18. Forget juggling with three balls and try juggling with two instead. Hold one in each hand.

19. Get confused, throw both balls together and watch them hit each other right in front of your face before knocking a tooth out.

20. Pick up tooth and place on table. Pick up juggling ball.

21. Try to find other juggling ball.

22. Forget juggling with two balls and try juggling with one instead. Hold ball in right hand.

23. Throw ball to left hand. Catch.

24. Feel smug.

25. Throw ball from left hand to right hand.

26. Casually pick up tooth and try juggling it at the same time as the ball.

27. Throw ball at eye, accidentally swallow tooth and start choking.

28. Pick up ball and hurl with rage.

29. Apologise to child for knocking their tooth out.

30. Give up juggling and book dentist appointment.

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