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Published : 08/03/2009 07:24:03
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

My eight year old son plays football with a group of boys. They have played together for the last three years. Usually the play a fall league and a spring league, but for the last two years they have also added a winter indoor league. The boys all get along famously, and play together often. We parents invite the team to birthday parties. This creates some pressure on us, or at least on me, to make sure that the party we have for my son is fun, unique, and exciting in its own right, and not a copy of the party he attended last month. For me, that is a tall order.

Given all the planning and forethought that has to go into an eight year old's birthday party, some of my favourite parties are the spontaneous "just because" parties. Sometimes we will have a picnic outside, and invite the little girl across the street over and her parents. Why? Just because. There is no theme. There are no party bags or prizes although there's always games. There may be food boxes, but otherwise it is very informal.   Sometimes the family down the street with a boy on my son's football team will invite us over for an afternoon. Why? You guessed it. Just because. There is no cake.

There is no schedule. Even more important than that, there is no dress code. We just come over, play a game or two, and enjoy each other's company.   My son noticed that I was enjoying these "just because" parties, and has heard me comment on the birthday parties like they were an arms race. He quickly pointed out that, as nice as these "just because" events are, we still had to throw him a proper party for his ninth birthday. It is several months away, but I suppose I should get started now.

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