Keeping Picnic Party Food Cold

Published : 13/05/2009 06:03:25
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

It's time for a picnic. The others are bringing the party supplies, blankets plastic champagne flutes etc. You are on the hook again for bringing the food; not a problem, but some of the stuff, especially the salads and the cold drinks need to be kept cold for most of the day. For the fizzy drink and the beer a big galvanized tub full of ice, left in the shade will do well needing only an occasional run for fresh ice, the food however will need a bit more care.

You can’t let the food get warm or soggy or the whole party will be a bust, so packing it correctly is a must.   Probably the best way to transport the food and keep it cold at the same time is in those large plastic containers, the square ones with the two handles, they have an insulating effect and tend to keep a temperature as long as the lid stays closed. Adding ice to the food box will probably cause more problems than it will solve, again, soggy food at a party is a no no. Dry ice will work and it keeps the contents colder longer, but if you decide on dry ice pay a bit of extra attention to wrapping the food to prevent freezer burn, dry ice doesn’t melt so the soggy problem is solved.

There is one caution that needs attention, dry ice in an enclosed area is deadly, it produces carbon monoxide so if you are transporting it to the picnic in your car keep the windows down. Another way to keep the food cold is with a freeze pack, this is a gel encased in a plastic bag that is placed in your freezer until its needed, then just line your food box with a few and load in the food. The freeze packs are reusable and stay colder longer than plain ice will do.

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