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Published : 17/02/2009 14:03:30
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I work for a venture capital funded internet startup company that is headquartered where else but Silicon Valley in California.  I joined this company a little over a year ago, as part of their expansion and launch of a global sales force.  I traveled to our world headquarters in Redwood City, which is also the home of Oracle Corporation, for a three day sales kick off and party.  We were fired up, excited, and ready to conquer the world.   Fast forward to the end of 2008, and the economic environment clearly had changed.  My company was supposed to raise another round of funding in October, and needless to day we did not succeed in that effort.  We had some money in the bank still, and were still selling our service, so there was no immediate danger, however there was some concern about conserving cash and making sure that we spend the money we have wisely. 

So, rather than fly our staff in from around the world for a kick off party this year, we would schedule an eight hour conference call.  Saves money, but when you have people around the world, an eight hour conference call is guaranteed to happen during some very strange hours.  After all, California is 8 hours behind GMT.  We are all ready for a night cap and a cortousy coperate cigar party bag whilst they are just opening their party food boxes.   A few days before our call was to take place, our Vice President sent an email cancelling the call.  We were days away from closing the next round of funding, and rather than the all day call, we are all to fly back out to California for not a three day kick off but a five day kickoff.  It was a very scary four months, but it looks like we have made it through the worst and are coming out on the other side in better shape than ever.  I just hope others are able to do the same.

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