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Published : 19/07/2009 23:13:32
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The new and improved Kids Kingdom in Southend has truly gotten its act together and is under new management. Thankfully, the large expense of cleaning and renovating, let alone some new and interesting surprises, was undertaken with great vigor. In order to bring Kids Kingdom up to the standards that parents expect, the new management and new owners are looking forward rather than backward. Parents and children across Southend and Essex await the re-opening on Monday 20th July with great anticipation in time for the start of the summer school holidays.

The overall health of the old Kids Kingdom was previously enough to drive any parent away and refuse plea upon plea for a return visit. It was simply an unsanitary experience. Today, it is fresh and clean and ready for your kids' party experience. Everything from the entertainment to the party bags is catered for not to mention the fresh and tasty new menu.

A Kids Kingdom adventure doesn't have to be a huge event the first time out. Just a few friends and the desire to check out the vast improvements can help you determine that the changes are real and you don't need to fret and fuss over whether your child plays and has fun the way kids do. Once you see the differences, you’ll be back - the kids will insist upon it. This summer why not pop along to Kids Kingdom Southend to see for yourself and maybe even check out the fantastic party packages available for kids of all ages. Oh and for those of you who were getting a little anxious, you can breathe a sigh of relief as Jelly Mountain is still the jewel in the crown at Kids Kingdom.

For insant fun just turn up to play. For party bookings or enquiries call  Kids Kingdom on 01702 462747

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