Kid's Party Drinks

Published : 21/11/2008 08:00:27
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

As a kid I always loved these at parties. Coke float's, lemonade float's and probably my all time number one party drink, Fanta float. O.K maybe it wasn't actually Fanta, more like cheap orangeade but none the less I thought it was fabulous. If Fanta wasn't available, a shot of orange squash added to lemonade did the trick - mmmm..the clemintine of floats!

This particular kid's party drink is so simple to make and if you've never tried it before then you are in for a treat. All you`ll need for this is your favourite fizzy drink, vanilla ice cream, plenty of straws and a few napkins to mop up the mess! Serve in clear plastic glasses for maximum effect.

First pour the fizzy drink into everyones glasses, about half way up the glass only, then place on a napkin. If it's a big group then rope in a couple of helpers to assist you. Armed only with a spoon and a tub of ice cream go round adding a single scoop of vanilla to each glass, and stand back for the magic! You'll soon see what the fuss is about. As the ice cream hits the liquid, a fountain of creamy foam quickly rises up and over the top of the glass, much to the delight of the screaming kids! 

Oh yes spoons, don't forget the spoons to scoop out the big bits of ice cream that the straws can't quite cope with.


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