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Published : 27/12/2008 11:28:52
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

Are you one of the many parents out there that who are struggling to keep up with the house hold budget? If you are not quite sure at the time of your child's birthday whether you will have enough cash flow to be able to afford all the different elements of a party, like the venue, entertainment and the kids party supplies then don't worry! In fact 99.9% of the time you will find that you are able to afford a party for your child, but perhaps not in the surroundings that you may have expected.

When the time draws closer to your child’s birthday it will become apparent just how many extra pounds you have to spare, towards your kids party supplies and food etc. Many parents seem to forget that it's not the materialistic things that make our children happy, it’s the things that have the little personal touches. A pack of invitation cards to send out to your child’s friends will get the ball rolling.   Then it's a case of on the day making sure that you keep enough cash aside to buy a local chip shop supper for the kid's to enjoy. A good old chip butty will work a treat with the children, followed by a few bottles of pop. As for the birthday cake they don't need to cost a lot and you can even try a sponge cake recipe and make your own. A few candles to mark your child’s new calendar age and a DVD will insure that it's an unforgettable party. Add in some latex balloons and a few cheap kids party supplies like tableware, banners etc. and you'll have all the traditional key elements for a great birthday party on a budget.

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