Lego Party

Published : 03/02/2009 14:07:05
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

Kids just love the chance to have a party, and there is no reason to keep them under wraps for special occasions. You can very easily arrange a fun day for the kids to invite their friends around and have a Lego party activity build! I tried it a few weeks back and the little ones loved it. A simple party with a lot of Lego bricks left in a box in the living room really kept the kids entertained.   I was a little creative when it came to the concept of having party gifts and know how the smallest thing can make a child happy. I purchased some paper party food boxes and put sandwiches inside each one along with a small packet of Lego bricks. The kid's loved the whole idea of the paper box and the very fact that there was a special gift of Lego bricks packed away inside made it that little bit special for them. As for party games, there was no need to worry; the children were well entertained making the different Lego toys. It hardly cost me a bean to do this little Lego party. I didn't need many party supplies at all, short of the food boxes, plus a few choice snacks to pop inside. Simple yet effective party fun.


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