Let imagination flow with a LEGO birthday party

Published : 24/01/2009 05:48:04
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Trying to come up with a birthday party idea that will capture and inspire imagination among your many guests and even some of their parents? Well, if you need a quick idea that will thrill your young birthday child, why not choose a LEGO theme for their upcoming birthday party.

Decorations are easy, as you can purchase plates, tablecovers, napkins, cups and party supplies in the bright red, blue, and yellow colours of the LEGO blocks and simply use tiny LEGO as confetti scattered across the tabletops. For the centrepieces, you can get your child involved early, or your spouse, and build some LEGO structures that are capable of holding flowers, sweets, or anything else you may place in them. You can even build LEGO baskets to hold your napkins and party tableware!

Although you may not be able to find a LEGO banner, you can surely head online for a custom made birthday banner with your child's name on it or alternativly  glue a few bits of LEGO onto a couple of traditional age Birthday Banners for an added treat!

For your major event, you can allot each guest a certain amount of LEGO and have a contest to see who can build a particular structure the fastest, or have a contest where the children vote for who can make the coolest thing out of their LEGO. For the winners, you can have a few small LEGO gift boxes to give away; these also make great treats to pop into party bags.

Of course, no LEGO birthday party is complete without a themed birthday cake, which you can easily construct with a flat cake that has icing painted onto it that looks like coloured bricks. Even one large cake from a bread pan (or two if you have many guests) can be placed side by side to look like LEGO provided you have a steady hand.

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