Let's Celebrate The Beer Diet!

Published : 04/09/2011 23:52:29
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Well, if this isn't cause for celebration we really don't know what is. Apparently a new study carried out in Spain has revealed that drinking a pint of beer a day is actually very good for your health! After all the years we've been told not to drink too much, that it's bad for our health, will increase our blood pressure, put us at risk of diabetes and give us a beer belly, it turns out that all that's utter tosh!

According to this research moderate consumption of either ale or lager can actually help lower the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. Not only that but the news gets better - drinking a pint of beer a day can help you lose weight! The only condition is that drinking your beer a day should be combined with a Mediterranean diet. Plastic Pint Glasses

The reason it seems that beer has such a bad press is that often in the UK we tend to combine drinking beer with eating lots of fried food, which isn't a good combination. But with a more balanced diet, drinking beer can be very good for you! Now that's our sort of diet! Why not celebrate by inviting a few friends round for a 'diet evening'? We can provide the plastic beer glasses so that no matter how raucous your games - or rather, how vigorous your exercise - there'll be no risk of broken glass on the floor causing injuries to those who are either busy doing a few ab crunches, or who have just passed out unconscious as a result of their serious dedication to dieting. We can provide either packs of 12 half pint plastic glasses, or packs of 12 pint glasses, at very affordable prices. Who says dieting should be expensive? Cheers everybody!

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