Let's Jam!

Published : 26/02/2009 07:04:47
Categories : Seasonal Parties

My wife's mother was an excellent cook. The first time I met my future in-laws was at a party that featured a meal she had cooked. Fortunately, my wife has followed in her mother’s footsteps in that regard, and is an excellent cook in her own right. However, my mother in law did much more than just cook, and some of those skills have not been passed on equally.

One of her favourite activities was making jellies and jams. I had never seen her do it, but have been assured by my wife that it was a complicated process that she did not really have much interest, or time, to do. Her sister changed all of that with a phone call.

Her sister called to say that she had strawberries, and could my wife come help her? Her husband came home with a lot of strawberries, and if they did not do something with them right away, they would all over ripen and have to be thrown away. "Come help me make jam. We'll have a party!" We'd had an Impromptu Christmas Party in the past, and now it would seem it was time for an emergency summer time version.

My wife and two other sisters rallied to the jam party call. Her sister had moved two big tables into the kitchen, and covered them in white table covers to make the mess easier to see. I don't know if my mother in law did her canning with her sisters and a couple of bottles of wine, but apparently the all-day jam party turned out well. I can personally vouch for the jam-it was delicious, prepared according to my mother in law's process.

The results gave me a great idea. I am thinking about buying blueberries, and then inviting my wife and her sisters over to make blueberry pies or maybe some more jam, the way their mother did. After all, we would not want the berries to go bad, would we?

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