Letting Kids Vent Their Frustrations With Pinata Bashing!

Published : 12/08/2010 22:32:27
Categories : Party Games and Ideas , Party Planning and Entertainment

If you have some spare time before a party then a great thing to make is a piñata. If you're not sure what a piñata is, then imagine a brightly decorated papier mache shape that's hollow, inside of which are toys, treats, prizes or favours. Children (or adults) are then blindfolded and given a stick, known as a piñata buster, with which they have to then try to bash open the piñata. It's a great game, and full of fun. To make a piñata yourself you simply need to blow up a balloon, and cover it with papier mache.

Once the paper has dried, stick a pin through the paper shell to burst the balloon, and then paint the piñata however you like. However, to both save time and introduce really imaginative piñatas, why not simply order one from our site? Our shark piñata has a lot of bite, and our football piñata may well cause the kids to go into extra time. Our piñata blindfold will make sure there's no cheating going on, and if you're stuck for something to put inside, simply order our piñata filler pack (64 items).

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