Light Up Your Child's Ceiling For Galileo Galilei's Birthday

Published : 15/02/2012 09:00:03
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Today is the 448th birthday of Galileo Galilei, the well known scientist, mathematician, writer and astronomer who was so far ahead of his time, and so revolutionised the way people viewed the universe that he was denounced a heretic, and kept under house arrest for the last 26 years of his life (today he'd probably just be landed with an ASBO.)

Amongst his achievements he discovered not only four of the largest moons of Jupiter, but discovered that they were in fact orbiting Jupiter. This might not seem such an astonishing discovery, except that back in Galileo's time people (especially the Church) believed that the Earth was at the centre of the universe, and that all of the Heavenly bodies circled it. The idea that some bodies circled others, and that the Earth itself circled the sun turned this concept on its head, and led rapidly to him becoming a martyr to scientific fact. (Today it seems most of the cast of TOWIE still haven't cottoned on to this concept, and do actually believe that the world revolves around them..!)

He also significantly improved the telescope, observed the first sunspots and identified and analysed the structure of the Milky Way (which most people at the time assumed was just a pretty cloud!) Glow In The Dark StarsMost children have a fascination with the stars, planets and space in general, so here's a great idea. Why not pick up a few packets of our glow in the dark stars, and stick them randomly across your child's bedroom ceiling? When it's lights out at bedtime their ceiling will seem to melt away, giving them a grand view of the universe from the safety of their duvet! You never know, they may actually volunteer to have their lights switched off at bedtime for a change! These glow in the dark stars also make great party bag gifts, and they really do glow very brightly. We have a range of other glow in the dark items which are always popular at parties, including glow bracelets in a variety of colours.

You can have a look at all our glow in the dark gifts here: But of course whilst thinking about children's birthday parties there's another kind of 'star'. One of the most popular party themes just recently has been our 'rock star' theme, with a whole range of rock star themed decorations to transform your little star's birthday party into a festival of music inspired wonder. From electric guitars and drum kits to bold colours and rock inspired lettering, if your child is having a party and they're deeply into their music then check out our most popular rock themed party decorations here:

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