Limbo Party

Published : 26/02/2009 13:48:33
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

My neighbour was cleaning branches in his back yard from a tree that suffered some storm branches. He is an older man, in his seventies, and he lives alone. He is a great help to us, and we try to return the favour when we can. I sent my kids over to help, figuring it would be a good way for them to help him, and some good exercise for them too.

Given what I know about my neighbour and my kids, I should not be surprised that the three of them found a way to turn a work detail into a party. My son is eight years old, and my daughter is five and a half (that extra half is now very important to her). They both love anything that involves singing and dancing.

When I went to check on their progress, I was pleased to see that a good number of branches had been moved. I was also happy to hear singing in the back yard. The work detail had turned into a limbo party!!They did not have a formal limbo party kit or CD for music. Instead, the kids would bring their branches to my neighbour. He would hold the branch, and the kids would limbo under it. From there, they would take the branches to the brush pile. All three were singing, which was much more impressive than any recorded music. There were no party supplies, mingling guests or cake to be seen anywhere, so you couldn't really class it as a party but they were having fun. Inf act there was more fun and laughter going on in that garden than some parties I've been to recently.

When they saw me, I was pressed into giving it a try. First I had to carry my branch, then my neighbour held it for me. I thought I was going to break my back, but I did manage to get down slightly and clear the branch. I got a round of applause for my limbo efforts, then grabbed a branch for my seventy year old neighbour to try-that'll teach him.

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