Live Long and Prosper with a Star Trek party

Published : 26/02/2009 19:43:55
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

At a family Christmas party this past year, my eight year old son struck up a conversation with my fifty four year old uncle. My son was telling my uncle how much he enjoyed Star Wars, and asked if Star Wars was around when he was a kid. My uncle said no, there was no such thing when he was younger. He did remark that he was the one who took me to see Star Wars in the movie theatre when it first came out. My son thought that was pretty cool.

My uncle then went on to explain that, before there was Star Wars, there was Star Trek. My son had not heard of Star Trek before, and asked me if I knew what it was all about. I told him yes, I knew all about Star Trek, and that we could watch some episodes together so that he could learn about the show.

Since then we watched several episodes, and he is getting into the series. He is now talking about a Star Trek party with his football teammates. To hear him describe this party, it is a little bit like cowboys and Indians, only with phasers instead of six shooters. I think we may have to stick with water pistols-I am not sure if we can find phasers anywhere. I am not sure if you can get star trek party supplies either.

He has asked if he can borrow our mobile phones for communicators. I am still trying to hear what his plans are for transporters, tricorders, and shuttle craft. He has Vulcan ears already figured out, and made some samples out of paper that he has been wearing around the house occasionally. And, he has mastered Mr. Spock's hand sign. When he goes to bed now, in addition to wishing us a good night, he tells us to live long and prosper.

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