Looking for party flavour? Check out the Paper Club in Soho

Published : 17/11/2008 13:45:38
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Looking for a new hot place to party with your friends and maybe glimpse a celebrity or two while you are out? Then you need to party at the Paper Club located at 68 Regent Street in Soho. Celebrities such as P. Diddy frequently make appearances and host special shows at the Paper on some nights, but you may have a harder time getting in if you hit a special show.

On nights when there's not a special show, you may still be able to party with a wide range of celebrities, as Prince William, Gwyneth Palthrow, Kayne West, and Beyonce have all been spotted clubbing at the Paper club. OK so I may harp on a bit about this club a bit but then we like what we like and so we write what we write…slightly self indulgent perhaps but there you go.

There are three main sections of the Paper Club, the restaurant, dance floor, and the VIP area which you may pay extra to get admittance in, and should purchase entrance to in advance for your best shot in the doors. However, this is where the party gets heavy with star studded bills and an electro mix of popular tunes to keep you grooving all night long.

Some people complain that while the ambience and music mix are excellent, the prices for drinks are too high, as a spirit and mixer will cost you about ten pounds. However, you can easily combat this problem if you have your friends over for a few drinks before you head out to the club.


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