Magic Tricks for a childrens party

Published : 17/06/2009 19:32:25
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One of the most fun childrens parties I ever attended was across the street, and featured a magician. I had never seen, live, magic tricks performed at a birthday party. My six year old daughter's very dear friend invited my daughter to her birthday party. My eight and a half year old son had another event to attend. Our plan was to split up. One of us would go with my son, the other with my daughter. I picked my daughter and the neighbour's party in part because it was just across the street, and in part because I wanted to see the magician myself!

Well, let me tell you, the magician was impressive. His very first magic trick was to get this group of young girls to sit still! I would still like to learn how to do that one. He actually got the whole thing started by tying balloon animals for every girl. While he did this, he talked at a brisk pace. I don't know if any of the kids tracked what he was saying. He seemed to be almost hypnotizing them with the pattern of his words.

He used this to his advantage when he then moved into magic tricks with a scarf. The girls were mesmerized as he turned one single coloured scarf into a multicolored chain of scarves. I tried to follow what he was doing to execute the tricks, but could not do it. Eventually I decided to sit back and just enjoy the show.

It was a lot of fun. He did magic tricks with rings, scarves, and he poured milk into a folded paper cup, then made it disappear. The girls loved it when he pulled a rabbit out of his hat, then turned it into a bird, then turned the bird into confetti. Everybody cheered at the end of the magic tricks, then ran off for their cake and party bags while I stayed behind to grill the magician.

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