Make a splash with a paddling pool party for the kid's!

Published : 01/12/2008 13:29:04
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

Its summertime (actually it's the first of December so you may need to use your imagination a bit for this blog) the weather is great and you have a children’s birthday to celebrate. What could be a more appropriate way to celebrate than an outdoor pool party? A simple paddling pool will ensure that the party goes down with a splash, and there need not be too many concerns about safety issues as the parents of the kid's will be sure to follow along their little treasures to the party.

The little tykes can run around the garden, splash around in the pool, and a simple picnic buffet style outdoor pool party lunch will work wonders. Kids notice the little things at a party and as long as you make sure that the kids have colourful partyware, tasty sandwiches and filled party bags packed full of goodies to take home sporting the treats from the event, then your party will be given a big thumbs up with the kids. Why not prepare the food in advance and serve in handy food boxes? Strange how anything served in a box seems to add that extra wonder and sparkle to even the simplest of things. Add a few smiles stickers to decorate and then for the finale how about a swim party cake for the birthday party boy or girl.

A pool party doesn't come along with the added pressure of worrying about dirtying your lovely new beige carpet. The house stays clean, the carpet and the ornaments remain undamaged and the kids have a whale of a time. Unless of course you forget to use the side gate, in which case look out for drenched through carpets, muddy footprints and broken ornaments!

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