Make it a ten pin bowling birthday

Published : 19/06/2009 04:55:40
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One of my recent tirades was about not being able to walk through a single room in our house without stepping on something or knocking something over actually prompted some action. My son went to his room, and started to clean. In the process, he discovered a bowling pin. This was not just any bowling pin, but rather a great souvenir from his fifth birthday party.

My son's birthday is in December, and we struggle with what to do for his birthday party every year. It is an ongoing problem, and we face ever increasing competition. However, for his fifth birthday party, we took his preschool class bowling. What a great time that was! The kids were too small to bowl properly, so launch ramps were set up that, with the help from an adult, would allow the kids to roll the ball down the ramp and onto the lane. Most of the kids did horribly, and quite frankly I did not do much better. Bowing is not my sport.

Other than bowling, the theme for the party was Spiderman. We had Spiderman party plates, cups, cake and party bags to finish up. One large bowling pin had several Spiderman balloons tied to it, and was autographed by every person in attendance that day. What made that birthday party special was that it was the last one that my wife's mother attended before she passed.

Finding that bowling pin made us all stop and reflect on the fun we had at the bowling party, and how fortunate we were that Grandma Bea was able to join us and sign it. We moved it out of the wardrobe it had been hiding in, and put it on my son's shelf next to his football trophies. And, I felt good knowing that my tirade had done some good.

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