Make Sock Puppets at Your Childrens Party

Published : 12/04/2009 14:14:49
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

If you're still scrounging around for some fun, last minute, and frankly cheap childrens party supplies then try making sock puppets. This is a great way to either start or end a childrens party. If the kids aren't mingling together as well as you might have hoped for, bringing out the sock puppet supplies. What might start out as a quiet activity can soon grow into some of that reduced shyness that young kids tend to bring to parties.

On the other hand, if you have opened up your home to a load full of rambunctious and social children, add the sock puppet making to the end of the party. That way you won’t have the restless ones complaining of boredom. Not to mention that the other children’s parents do actually appreciate when you can return their child in a calmer state than when they showed up.

If you've put together party bags for your childrens party, you can also send home additional sock puppet party products for the kids to create at home and then host a second childrens party when everyone's sock puppets are complete. With a little puppet fashion show, complete with awards, you can really knock out a fantastic sock puppet party. Ideas like this make a childrens party more successful. It gives the party structure, it encourages them to use their imagination, and it prevents the take over of small, sugar laden children running through your home without a creative outlet. It also gives them a toy to play with at home.

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