Make the Oscar shine with a Hollywood party night

Published : 17/02/2009 07:59:45
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

One of the most important Hollywood nights is nearing, the night when all the best films of the last year take home an Oscar if they are lucky enough. This year, why not take advantage of the Oscars and throw your very own Hollywood party! You can send out Hollywood party invites and invite your friends to come dressed in formal wear or as their favourite celebrity.

Of course one of the first things you will want to take care is your party buffet which luckily can be prepared easily. With Slumdog Millionaire as the Oscar favourite, you can simply order a takeaway buffet of curries and rice to feed your guests which no one will be able to say no to. For beverages, you may want to purchase some flute glasses and champagne or wine since after all, a Hollywood party is nothing if not a celebration of fame and wealth. Decorate with a red carpet room roll and complimenting party supplies like celebrity scene setter decorations.

To make your Hollywood Party night even more fun you may throw in a little game play for the night as well. Before the Oscars start you can have each of your guests fill in a ballot of who they think will take home the Oscars tonight. At the end of the night and the Oscars whichever guest guessed the most correctly can take home a special Trivia Pursuit Hollywood edition. With a perk like this your Hollywood party will be one none of your guests will ever forget!

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