Make your own erupting volcano

Published : 07/02/2009 14:32:09
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

My son's schoolmate loves volcanoes. His mother is a music teacher, and is used to working with a herd of young children. For her son's seventh birthday party, she invited his entire class. The theme was, of course, volcanoes.   She prepared the basic volcanoes ahead of time out of plaster of Paris, one for each kid. When the guests arrived, they got to pick their volcano and decorate it. She had paints, rocks, and Dinosaur Skeletons that the kid's could select from to create their own personalized volcano.   At the beginning of the party, she set all of the kids on the floor and let them decorate. While the paints dried, she served food, cake, and ice cream. She made the volcano cake herself. My wife saw it-it was taller than the oven. It turns out that the boy's mother made several ring cakes of smaller and smaller size, then stacked them into a cone and decorated the assembly.

Once the kid's finished eating, and the paint on the volcanoes was dry, the party moved outside. First, she gave each kid a paper cup. She put four tablespoons of baking soda in each cup. Then she came around to each volcano and poured a cup of vinegar in each one. Finally, she passed around tubes of red food colourings. She told the kid's to put about ten drops of food colorings into the vinegar. She then told the kids that she would count down from five. When she hit zero, the kids were to dump the baking soda all at once onto the vinegar and food colouring mixture. Five...Four...Three... Two...One...Eruption!

Her son loved his volcano party, and so did the rest of his class. His was the most talked about birthday party that year. And, instead of party bags everyone came home with a volcano that they could erupt at at any time. Brilliant!

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