Make your own Ice Cream Party

Published : 15/03/2009 07:05:31
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It is still winter - at least it is from where I'm standing. Cold outside, and just as cold inside too. My feet are cold at work, even when I wear boots. I would love a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate. Instead, my family gets invited to an ice cream party! Now, I love ice cream, but if it will not melt because the outside (or inside) temperature is below freezing, then in my world ice cream is not the thing to have. However, my fourteen year old niece is apparently a budding chemist, and so an ice cream party is on the agenda.

This ice cream party is not going to be just a standard all you can eat sundae bar, although she will have a sundae centrepiece from a previous party. In fact, when guests arrive there will not be any ice cream at all. The plan is to make the ice cream there on the spot at the party. My first thought was, how cool-she got an electric ice cream making machine for her birthday! I was wrong. Then I figure, ok, she has a hand crank machine. Old fashioned, very quaint. Wrong again.

There would be no machines involved in the making of this ice cream.   Our niece the chemist learned about a way to make The Perfect Party Ice Cream without a machine. Apparently one uses a standard ice cream recipe to start with. The ice cream is placed in a sealed plastic bag, which is then placed in a larger sealed plastic bag with ice and salt. The whole assembly is wrapped in a towel (so your hands don't get cold) and kneaded in your hands for ten to fifteen minutes. I have to admit the project does sound like fun, and as long as I get to sit by the fire and eat my ice cream I should be ok.

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