Make Your Own Water Shoot for the Garden

Published : 13/06/2009 14:56:58
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

Making a homemade water shoot for the garden is easy and fun, especially if you can get the kids involved in the process. Making your own water shoot can give you an afternoon of entertainment and even offer you the chance to act like a happy go lucky child on a hot summer afternoon. To make the water shoot for the garden you will need to have a sliding board. Position the slide so that you are certain that the garden hose can reach it and that it is in an area that excessive water and little feet hitting the ground are not likely to cause any kind of damage.

The second step of creating your own water shoot for the garden is securing the hose to the top of the slide. Running a hose to the top of the slide can cause a tripping hazard and placing the hose too far toward the middle of the slide can result in unhappy legs. Secure the hose to make sure that it is well out of the way and that it won’t trip up an excited child running through the garden for their next go around. Adjust the hose at the top of the sliding board to shoot water down the slide at a slight angle to cover the entire slide surface. By securing the end of the hose all the way to the side of the slide, everyone can take a run down without scratching up their legs or back.

To make the water shoot for the garden a little more fun you can add an extension at the end of the slide with a simple tarp, allowing small bodies to splash around at the bottom of the slide. Furthermore, you can add a tunnel to the water shoot by enclosing part of the slide with cardboard that is rounded over the sides of the slide. A little duct tape makes your water shoot for the garden a fun play area for all the kids, including the very big ones.

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