Make your Thomas the Tank Engine party good enough to rival anyones!

Published : 07/11/2008 14:00:49
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Is your toddler having a Thomas the Tank Engine party soon that you want to be out of this world? It's a well known fact that with children this age, your party plans are usually more focused on out doing the other mothers than pleasing your children. Most likely your child will be content simply ripping the wrapping paper and eating cake!

Anyhow, if you need to impress a certain mother who always rules the neighbourhood, here are a few ideas to make your party out of this world for everyone invited. Sometimes you can turn even the most simple of themes into a fun filled day. For example, if your child is one of the many who loves Thomas the Tank Engine, consider purchasing your party supplies (cups, plates, bowls, etc) with Thomas imprinted on them.   Of course for the party bags you will want Thomas on them as well, and perhaps plastic toy trains. If you have a picnic table in the back garden, with the right materials you can easily convert this into a large Thomas character with the use of a few blue tablecovers, some black paper plates and a little bit of imagination.

Simple, traditional games such as 'Simon Says' and 'Pass the Parcel' can be easily adapted into fun Thomas the Tank Engine party ideas and games, with a little help from the party experts online at your disposal.

Finally for the cake, you can whip up a lovely Thomas in your kitchen with a few baking pans, or alternatively cheat by cutting up pieces of ready made vanilla sponge. Add some blue food colouring to some butter icing for his body, then a couple of Bassetts allsorts for eyes and buffers. Failing this, if you can't face the mess and you have the artistic ability of a loaf of bread, simply buy your Thomas the Tank Engine Cake online!

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