Makeover Party

Published : 06/03/2009 07:11:16
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

When I think about parties that I have been to, they almost always involve family. When I tell stories about fun parties, they usually involve my children. For a while, when I talked about parties, my eight year old son was the catalyst. Now, it seems, more and more as my five and a half year old daughter grows up, I am talking about parties that she is involved with. From little things like what kind of party bags she likes to the hilarious moments of laughter she inadvertently causes.

One great example of a daughter party story is the Makeover Party. I am told that my daughter and her friend across the street saw a show on television where a woman underwent a makeover. My daughter and her friend decided that this would make a great game. They each took a few pieces of makeup from their mothers-just enough to fill a small purse-but not so much that either mother would notice. My wife was working out of an office in our basement, so the girls went upstairs to my daughter's room where they proceeded to apply the makeup to each other.

My wife found out what was going on, and crashed their makeover party. She struggled not to laugh, because they girls were absolutely caked in the stuff. Still, she did have to be a disciplinarian and explain that it was wrong for them to hide the makeup, and to put it on each other without supervision. Once she had finished her diatribe, she took photographs to show me and the other girl's mother. We laughed until the tears ran down our faces. Obviously we couldn’t let them see us laughing like that but it was a struggle to make ourselves stop. Personally, I am just grateful that my wife caught them before they started giving each other hair cuts! Now that would have been some makeover!

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