Makeup Party

Published : 03/03/2009 18:55:38
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

My wife was telling us about some of the fun parties she has attended with her friends and sisters. She told us about a bra party, a candle party, a wine party, and a makeup party. My eight year old son was bored to tears, and could not wait to escape. My five year old daughter was, however, quite interested in hearing these stories. She knew that she was too young for a bra or to drink wine, but the idea of having a makeup party really appealed to her.

She has a friend across the street that is one week older than her. These two girls have a lot of fun together, and if there is a conspiracy afoot they are both inevitably hip deep in the plan. My daughter's idea was that these two girls could get together with their mums. Each of the mums could bring some makeup, and the girls could put makeup on themselves, and each other. The mothers could supervise, and make sure that nothing was permanently damaged.

My daughter the sales woman convinced my wife that this makeup party was a great idea, and, since it was raining and she could not go out and play, it was something they could do right now! At this point my son quietly left the room. He sensed that, if he stuck around, the girls would not be content with using the makeup only on themselves. He had been forced into playing along with their schemes before.

My wife called our neighbour, who also thought this makeup party was a brilliant idea. Not only did they come immediately with makeup, but they also brought face paint! This brought my son running back into the room, lobbying the girls to paint him like Spiderman. Here he was, tricked again into playing with the girls!

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