Making Party Bags Work Well, Rather Than Just Causing Arguments!

Published : 21/08/2010 12:38:02
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One of the traditional delights of birthday parties for children are the party bags given away at the end. These bags can be used to give away toys, sweets and other souvenirs and gifts from the party such as balloons, as well as being used to keep any prizes safe that may have been won during the games and competitions.

Party bags for boys and girls can often be used as a way of tying in to the theme of the party itself. So for a classic pirate themed party it's a great idea to include Pirate Party Bags, with a suitably fearsome pirate design on the front that will be proudly received by any budding seafaring scoundrel! Sometimes a party seems to be almost exclusively themed for girls, and sometimes themed only for boys, although of course there are plenty examples of themes which may be considered traditionally for boys which girls enjoy just as much. If you're looking for party bags for boys then perhaps you might consider such ideas as Batman party bags, Pirates of the Caribbean party bags or Disney Cars party bags (shaped like a steering wheel!) On the other hand if your party is more geared towards girls then you may find that Disney Princess party bags, Fifi and the Flowertots party bags or Bratz party bags will all go down well.

For younger children then Noddy party bags and Peppa Pig party bags go down very well, and for both boys and girls a little older the Scooby Doo party bags work well for both birthday parties as well as for other events such as Halloween. Organising children's birthday parties is a huge ordeal, and there is usually so much to organise, from the invitations to the decorations, from the party food to the entertainment, and even the prizes for the games. Buying suitable party bags may be another task, but often parents overlook the fact that they also have to fill those bags! Of course, popping a balloon and a bit of birthday cake in them is always easy enough, but what else? Running round toy shops and sweet shops looking for suitable items to include can take a lot of time, and often the overall value becomes quite high. Our party bags can be filled quickly, easily and affordable by choosing from our many party bag fillers selections.

Some are themed, others simply a mixture of popular, good value toys, puzzles and prizes, which will ensure the party bags are thoroughly enjoyed. Simply choose your party bag filler selection, add in your choice of party bags and then give them away! Some people choose to give them all away at the very end of the party, whilst others use party bags as prizes, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to win. If you're a little unsure about how to make sure that everyone wins, simply choose a variety of games where individuals can win, and then a few team games where everyone in the winning team gets a party bag if they haven't already got one.

Using a little subtle cunning it's always possible to make sure everyone has their precious bag of goodies! A good tip with party bags is to use a black marker pen to write each child's name on a party bag. This way they don't get mixed up, prizes can be put in the right bag, and there are fewer arguments later on! Another idea is to buy a few extra party bags, and pop one or two things in for the adults who helped out. Of course, you may choose to include something a little more grown up than a balloon and a few toys - but that's completely up to you!

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