Mexican Chili Pepper Party

Published : 09/02/2009 08:09:10
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

We have attended parties within the last year that had international themes. One of my five year old daughter's most enjoyable was a Mexican party where she got to taste different kinds of salsa. They were arranged from most mild to most spicy, and she loved the spiciest. Personally, I could not stand it, and barely made it past the entry level.

My daughter and my wife started talking about what goes into salsa. My daughter had no idea that salsa was made from peppers, but she quickly figured out that it must be different kinds of peppers that make different kinds of salsa. Then, the statement came: "Mum, we should have a pepper tasting party. Dad had a tequila party, (how is it that my daughter can even say tequila?) so we should have one for chili peppers. We can make some salsa. Can you cook anything else with them? We should make that too."

My wife told her about huevos rancheros, tamales, chili, and who knows what else. The very thought of all of those peppers made my tongue burn. I think both girls took some pleasure in this, and proceeded to taunt me with their plans. They would help set the theme with party supplies and decorations including chili balloons and cactus cutouts. I new they would purposely mislabel the foods intended for me, just to see my reaction when I took a bite. I got up and left the room, not wanting to hear any more.

This hot chili pepper party is not on the calendar yet, but I know they are going to have it. I know, that when the time comes, I will regret leaving the room, too. Had I stayed, I would have at least known what nefarious plot they were hatching against me. Now I will have to wait to find out. I am sure that it will not be pretty.

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