Mexican Chilli cook-off

Published : 26/03/2009 07:23:27
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Everyone has their favourite Chili recipe and everyone thinks that theirs is the best. Well why not find out? Have a Chili Cook-off.

This will take up some room so it might be a good idea to reserve the local park for the event, usually these places have fire pits or barbeques and the number of families involved will determine how many cooking stations will be needed.

If the public facilities are not available have your guests bring their BBQ’s with them and set everyone up in the back garden. One of the rules (there won't be many) must be everyone starts from scratch no canned goods allowed, this then is an all day affair. Everyone brings their own ingredients, you as host provide the side dishes, Corn on the cob, salad, Texas toast, potato salad, fruit salad and cake and cookies for desert.

A big picnic table is in order or tresill tables; there will be lots of food. The contestants should have two or three hours to prepare their ingredients (sup wine, chat etc) and another couple of hours to cook. During that time, you as host can put out snacks and beverages, if there is a paddling pool handy, so much the better. These things are better done in the Summer and with the heat generated by the cooking and the heat of the day, the guests will need a way to cool down so a padding pool is perfect and copious quantities of drinking water is an absolute must. For the kids, keep them occupied with a couple of piñatas stuffed full of pocket money toys and a few sweets to keep them happy. Pre-filled party bags also provide hours of cheap entertainment. Add water drenchers and the kids can have Mexican shoot outs using the pool for a constant refill – perfect!

When all the cooking is done everyone gets to sample all the Chili and vote on the winner. Bragging rights are at stake here along with a wonderful meal at the end of a fun filled family day. Happy cooking!

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