Mexican Fiesta

Published : 30/01/2009 13:23:36
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My eight year old son plays football with a group of boys. When one has a party, the rest of the team is invited. I think this puts unfair pressure on us parents to always strive to top one another when it is our turn to host a party. Consider, as a case in point, a recent Mexican Fiesta that my son attended. The parents overheard my daughter describe an event that we attended as a family where her dad, me, enjoyed tasting tequila but did not enjoy tasting salsa. She loved the salsa, and wanted to try more. These parents manipulated my dear sweet child into revealing all of the details of the party we attended. Then, they went ahead and hosted a Mexican Fiesta for their own son's birthday.   Their son turned eight, so the tequila was left out. They did serve quesadillas, tamales, and enchiladas. They decorated their house with a plethora of themed and colourful party supplies. All of the kids got a paper sombrero, and a donkey pinata was pulled out for a party game. It is great fun to watch the kids get spun around three times and swing at the donkey, as long as you are not in striking distance!

There was an abundance of chips and salsa, much to my daughter's delight. Instead of regular old ice cream, they made Mexican fried ice cream. Given that the fried ice cream was round, and most of the party attendees were from the football team, the parents decorated each serving like a football. This just by itself was very impressive. They set the bar very high for the next gathering.

I gave them credit for their work in putting together such a great Mexican Fiesta, and then told my daughter that she must never speak to them again. After all, my wife and I need good party ideas too.

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