Minimal Planning for a New Year's Cocktail Party

Published : 24/12/2008 18:45:23
Categories : Seasonal Parties

Cocktail parties are great, although they are really only for those adults that who truly enjoy drinking alcohol! With New Year just around the corner an excellent way to celebrate and see in 2009 would be by hosting a cocktail party for your guests. A table laid out in some elegant party supplies and decor will make the room look the part; a few sprinkles of shimmering silver star table confetti here and there will look like you've really gone that extra mile.   A trip to your local supermarket for a few bottles of spirits and mixers will be much welcomed for those party guests that are in the mood to let their hair down whilst seeing in the New Year. You needn't worry about the exact mixtures that you put in the cocktails as many of the cocktail party guests will enjoy concocting their own drinks for the occasion. Just make sure that you have a stock of cocktail umbrellas and cherries for decoration, a lot of glasses and plenty of ice and voila, a professional cocktail party in the making!

A few great drinks to have at your cocktail party include baileys, snowballs, Tia Maria, Gin, Rum and of course a few bottles of Champagne to see in the New Year. Mixers for the cocktails such as tonic water, coke and lemonade are a must.

As for party dress, men can turn up in penguin mode and the girls can dress as if they were attending a ball.   Snacks for the party should include something a little elegant such as a smoked salmon tartlets, roast beef in mini yorkshire's, honey mustard prawns and of course if you are hosting your New Years Cocktail party like a true ambassador don't forget to throw in a box of Ferrero Roche too!

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