Monty Python Party

Published : 25/01/2009 18:56:31
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

We were at a family reunion several years ago when this party took place. I was handed an agenda, and told to prepare - for a Monty Python Party.

Now, before you start wondering what kind of reunion has an agenda, let me explain that I married into a large family. There's a herd of brother and sister in laws, their spouses, kids, and other hangers-on that smell food and drink. So these reunions tend to string out over a few days. Events that are not scheduled flat out do not happen. I was relieved to see that the talent show was not on the party agenda. I heard about this one before. I was surprised to see that for this Monty Python party that The Life of Brian was on the agenda. Not so much that it was on the agenda, but that three hours had been allotted to see a film that was right around an hour and a half long.

It turned out that a skit from one of the other Monty Python films was a big hit at a previous reunion talent show. This time, we would all watch the film, and then teams of cousins would compete with each other, acting out scenes from the movie. Once I was convinced that I would not have to do any acting, I was able to relax and enjoy the party. The adults were given whistles, and when their performance got boring or ran on too long we blew the whistle to cancel the act. The winning team, two nephews, were able to stay on the longest.

I thought a Monty Python Party was great idea, but the choice of theme was surprising. My wife's family is also fairly religious, and for me it was refreshing to see them all able to laugh at the movie and the skits. Oh and despite the religious aspect you'll be glad to know, as was I, that the party supplies list for this particular (also spelt peculiar) event was not short on the alcoholic beverage front.

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