A Small Moving Party

Published : 27/02/2009 07:01:49
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My sister and her husband recently bought a house, so that her three year old son and one year old daughter would have an outside space to roam around in. The flat that served them so well as a couple with no children was suddenly too small for the family. To help get their house ready, they threw a number of parties, which were essentially tricks to get free labour.

My brother and I recently fell for this trick too. Our sister hosted a moving party. On our way over to her flat, we joked that we should be done with the moving part by midday, and get into the party part of the day in short order. We could have not been more incorrect.

While my brother in law had done a very good job of moving what he could over the last few weeks, what was left was invariably the largest, and heaviest, items. I suggested taking the largest of these first, so that we were not too tired later in the day. It took us the better part of an hour to wrestle the largest, an armoire, down the stairs and into the moving truck. Our lunch had the feel of a party, as we sat on folding chairs and ate sandwiches with picnic tableware - the only party supplies to be seen anywhere! Looking back I do remember a similar event, a Carpet Party - we had pizza as I recall - it was hard work and nothing like you would think – I should have known better!

It took us six hours to load the truck, and two to unload it. We damaged a wall and the ceiling trying to get that armoire into their upstairs bedroom. By this time, the party had exhausted us. None of us are professional movers. My brother in law started to tell us how the movers did the job when he and my sister moved into the flat. Movers. Professional movers? I asked why he didn't hire the job out this time, and he explained that my brother volunteered us and talked him out of it.

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