Music Teachers are marvels

Published : 23/02/2009 07:45:35
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My extended family is, well, large. My wife has a herd of brothers and sisters, and they all have spouses and children. This turns just about every event into a party. Even when only two or three families get together, something interesting happens.   My wife's sister Tamara is an elementary school arts and music teacher. She loves these little parties because it gives her an opportunity to experiment with new ideas before unrolling them in her classrooms. I hesitate to say that she uses my children as guinea pigs, but, in effect that is what she does.   At a recent mini party, she grabbed a couple of kids and took them into another room. When they came back, my ten year old niece held some large musical note cutouts. My twelve year old niece began singing "The Sound of Music" while the younger girl danced with the notes behind her. This was a remarkable display, and we all thought this was a wonderful performance. My five year old daughter got up and danced along with her cousin. Even my eight year old son liked the performance, and he is not one for singing and dancing, unless it's his version of rock and roll. I must say he was slightly more interested in the other musical party supplies like the inflatable guitar and saxophone than the musical notes, but he joined in none the less.

Tamara then collected ideas for the next song. I suggested "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" from Mary Poppins, just because it would be entertaining for me to watch my daughter try to even say the word, much less include it in a song. To my dismay, the idea was shot down.

The kids did disappear and return to sing a song from West Side Story. All of the children claimed that they did not know these songs before the party. Tamara confirmed this too. Still, even as a music teacher we don't know how she managed to create such a performance in such a short amount of time.

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