Neon Party decorations

Published : 24/05/2009 06:33:43
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Throwing a neon party is an idea that is good for a kids' party or a grown up casual get together, spice any party up with glow sticks, LED party accessories and the like all of which are available in typical neon colours. If you're having casual cocktails why not get LED beer mugs or martini glasses, or a whole range of bar accessories from LED ice cubes to serving trays. They are really fun and most can be made to flash or keep a constant light. Some martini glasses come with light providing bases which can be separated for cleaning and are therefore reusable. If you are pouring martinis don't forget the neon olive picks.

For the kids, light up hats, straws, and jewelry are just a few of the items available to spice up your party. Any neon items are terrific for party bags and can be easily found at any party supplies shop. Bottle glow collars are also available which attach to the bottom of a beer bottle or a soda bottle and provide a nifty neon glow to the contents. If you are having a Fiesta, a really fun way to spice it up is with glowing margarita glasses, they make the margarita more fun to drink and activate as soon as that frozen concoction hits the glass.

The kids will enjoy the glow sticks and glow bracelets, and you can decorate the bar area with LED vine lights. These are usually around forty-five feet in length and along with all the other neon accessories can add enough glow to light the party all by themselves and adding that intimate level of lighting that can make things all the more interesting. Just add some mood lamps and neon balloons and you're all set.

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