Never Mind The Teddy Bears' Picnic – It's The Tigers To Watch Out For!

Published : 05/08/2010 19:06:00
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If you go down to the woods today, never mind the teddy bears – it's the lions and tigers and bears to beware! Kids love animals, and generally the wilder the better. What better way of giving your children a party to remember than having their very own safari? It's easier than you might think, because there's no need to go to Africa. With a little imagination you can create a wild party that will have your children roaring with laughter!

If the weather's good then head outdoors for your party – after all, the kids can go wild without you having to worry about doing the hovering afterwards. If you have a garden then why not use a safari party tablecover on the ground? Although they're supposed to be put on the table, they're actually plastic coated so they make ideal groundsheets. When you send out the safari party invites, why not include a note to let everyone know to arrive in fancy dress? Kids love dressing up, and if everyone comes dressed as lions, tigers, elephants or zebras then they're bound to have fun from the moment they arrive.

Give them all safari party hats and safari party blowouts and you'll end up with a veritable stampede of animals migrating across the Serengeti.. assuming the Serengeti looks like the average suburban garden. Of course, having a safari party provides so many opportunities. Never mind pin the tail on the donkey. Why not pin the tail on the giraffe? If you get a pack of safari latex balloons (all with various animal prints) you can get the kids to play a range of games, such as passing the balloon down the lines using only their knees to see which line wins.

Why not give each of the children a safari party flag banner and tape it to their back, and get them to chase each other across the garden, sorry, the endless African plains, all trying to steal the banner from each others' backs to see who's the greatest predator of all! You may well find that little Harry, dressed as a south African frog, manages to outwit every other beast, but who cares? An outdoor safari party will certainly provide a great opportunity for fun.

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