Never offer your guests cheap Whisky again

Published : 27/02/2009 20:03:15
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

My brother and I helped my sister and her husband to move from a flat they had outgrown into a new house. At the very end of the moving party, I discovered that they chose to have us help them instead of hiring professional movers because my brother talked them out of it when he volunteered us. I think I am still angry at him. I could not stand up straight for two days after the move because my back was so sore.   My brother and I both like Whiskey. My sister and her husband do not, so she asked me for advice on what to have on hand. She correctly figured that a sip or two after the move would help us recover faster. I suggested three moderately priced options. She ended up buying some cheap brand that I had never heard of. After four or five drinks I suppose it didn't matter, but the first couple were not the most enjoyable I have ever had. I was so happy to be done with the moving party that I was not going to fuss about the Whisky.

However, once I got home, and was able to stand straight, I told my wife. She suggested that we visit as a family, and have a Stock the Bar Party. My contribution would be to pick the right Whisky, thereby making sure that every time I visit I would have something there that I could drink. We took a butterfly pinata for the kids to bash open. My brother and his wife joined in the party, bringing gin and Jack Daniel's. My brother in law's parents were there for the move, and they stocked the bar with ouzo. Hopefully, after this party, we will never have to suffer the injustice of cheap Whisky again!

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