New Baby Party

Published : 08/02/2009 07:29:13
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My wife and I have two children, but we have a large family. This family is spread through out the world (we do not have any family in Antarctica that we know of). These people are always growing up, getting married and starting families of their own. We send new baby packages when we can, but we also try to have in-person celebrations too.

These in-person celebrations have grown into full blown new baby party extravaganzas. The host of the party considers how many new baby boy's and new baby girl's will be attending, and then selects an appropriate new baby novelty cake. Often attendance is driven by the travel schedule of their parents, and the party itself is coordinated to maximize the number of babies that can attend.

All of the names are written on the cake. A light meal is served, followed by cake, tea, and coffee. The babies themselves are passed around almost as much as their photographs. Our own children love this part, as they are just now becoming old enough to get to hold the new babies. The older kids get some small toy to play with, just to keep them occupied but mostly they tend to paly amongst themselves, utilizing the party supplies and decorations to theirt own amusement. The adults all prefer to soak up as much time with the new little ones as possible, especially since we may not see some of them again until their own weddings come around. OK, we do have the Internet and web cams to help us all keep in touch, but it's not the same.

Technically the new baby party does not end until the last family leaves that day, but in fact we tend to get together in smaller groups as long as the families are here. Eventually, though, we all do have to go back to work and all the babies go home. We just hope we get to see them again soon.

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